Apply for SNAP and EBT Benefits
Get $133.12 per family member per month
(or more, depending on your state)

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Supplemental Nutrition
Assistance Program (SNAP)

There are two major programs for food assistance today: SNAP and the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). You may instantly qualify for both by applying here. Once approved, you will receive monetary aid that you can use for your family's nutritional needs.

1 in 7 Americans are
using SNAP Welfare

Nationwide food stamp applications and EBT applications have increased by 70% since 2007. 1 in 7 Americans are now benefiting from SNAP and swiping EBT cards. The SNAP budget recently received an increase of 11%, which means a family of six previously receiving 250 UDS monthly may now get 606 USD per month.

Easy EBT Application
and Approval

Any US resident or a person who has a non-resident status but has a Social Security Number may qualify for food stamps. And because you can now apply online, your application can be processed faster than ever.

Apply for Food Stamps / EBT / SNAP